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Summer Recreation
You can swim in the pristine Lake Fanny Hooe, take a boat ride, fish for bass, trout and perch. Hiking trails will take you to Historic Fort Wilkins State Park. The Lake Superior shore offers beautiful vistas and maybe the discovery of an agate. Exploring the many copper mine locations bring history to life and pieces of copper and other rare stones to the diligent. The opportunities for recreation are endless. Listed below are many of the fun adventures that lie ahead at both Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground, as well as Copper Harbor and the surrounding area.
Artisans and Craftsmen - Visit our resident carver's workshop/studio to see hand carved waterfowl and fish collectives. Enjoy watching our local weaver create baskets-from tree selection, to cutting, to finished product. Potters, quilters, a soap maker, a scrimshaw artist, a wildlife artist, a decorative artist and a nature photographer are among the many talented people you'll discover while exploring the shops.
Bakeries and Sweet Shops - Ah! You've found heaven! Homemade fudge, ice cream sundaes, wild berry jams and baked goods like delectable handmade pastries are found in several shops.
Beaches - Rock hunting, looking for agates or just wandering along the Lake Superior shoreline. . . Take the trail starting from the Copper Harbor Marina parking lot for hours of fun exploring the beaches of Copper Harbor and the rugged shore of Lake Superior, some of the oldest exposed rock formations on earth. Beforehand, get pointers on what to look for - agates, green stones, copper-and where to go.
Bear Watching - Native Black Bears are in and around town, especially at night. Remember bears are wild animals!
Berry Picking - The only thing more fun than wild berry picking is making Thimbleberry Jam. . . Or pick some of our wild strawberries or raspberries before the bears get them all.
Bicycling - A great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area is by bicycle. There are many miles of paved highways and rustic gravel roads to take you through the scenic wilderness. Rentals and tours are available in town.
Bird Watching - Bring your binoculars and camera to catch some of the 85 species, including hawks and eagles, as they fly along one of the major migratory routes of North America.
Boating - Explore the many acres of water here! With sailboats, canoes, row, power or paddle boats, you can do some fishing or just relax. Boat rentals for Lake Superior, Lake Fanny Hooe and other inland lakes are available at many local businesses, plus  guided sea-kayaking trips.
Brockway Mountain Drive - This scenic road takes you 735 feet above Copper Harbor for a breathtaking view of the mountains and Lake Superior. On a clear day Isle Royale can be seen from this vantage point as well as large cargo ships bound for the Soo Locks or Duluth.
Camping - Whether modern campgrounds or wilderness quiet is your camping pleasure, the choices are here. Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground offers the finest camping facilities.
Canada Geese - Pass some time watching and photographing these birds, they're in abundance along the Copper Harbor lakefront.
Cemeteries - These quiet places offer a glimpse into the past of this historic area, so don't forget to visit our oldest residents.
Clark Mine - See this old mine site where the smelting stack still stands as a silent monument to man's endeavors for copper.
Copper - Explore an authentic copper mine, above and below ground, to learn about the world of the rugged men who mined the ore. Underground tours are available, or take a guided treasure trip to find real copper and semiprecious rocks at a number of old mining sites.
Estivant Pines - A walking trail takes you through a quiet wilderness to a stand of virgin white pines, 500-1000 years old! These magnificent trees were saved from logging and are preserved for future generations. Trail maps and markers are visible for individual walks, or take a guided trip to really appreciate the bounty of the wilderness.
Evening Programs - Check our community calendar for the schedule of a variety of entertaining and educational programs held at the Community Center or at Fort Wilkins State Park.
Festivals - The Fourth of July and Art in the Park are two of the major festive events during the summer in Copper Harbor. Watch for posters and advertisements for these and other special events being held in the Harbor.
Fishing - At Lake Fanny Hooe you can swim, beach it, take a boat ride, fish for bass, trout or perch. The opportunities for recreation are endless. Half-day or full-day charters are available as well as expert advice for catching the big ones on the many inland lakes surrounding Copper Harbor.
Fort Wilkins State Park - This fully reconstructed fort is an exciting living museum, you can feel the history as you learn from interpretive guides of the people who worked and lived here long ago.
Ghost Towns - As you walk through the abandoned towns of Delaware or Mandan, or you listen hard enough to the silence, you may hear the voice of a resident who forgot to leave when the copper gave out.
Golf & Tennis - For exercise in a beautiful county park setting, the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge has a 9 hole, 36 par golf course. Tennis courts are available at the Lodge or at the Copper Harbor School.
Hiking trails - Will take you through lush pine forests with the possibility of seeing bear, deer, loons, and eagles. A short walk will take you to historic Fort Wilkins State Park. Our wilderness trails have something for everyone, from novice to expert, so discover the back country, on your own, or with a group being led by knowledgeable guides.
Historic Buildings - The Keweenaw Historical Society has preserved and restored much of the Copper Country heritage; enjoy Rathbone Schoolhouse, Phoenix Church, and Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.
Isle Royale - Copper Harbor is the gateway to this unique island National Park, and archipelago of wilderness in beautiful Lake Superior. No motorized travel ensures peace for the residents, like moose and wolves, and for the visitor , who can escape to this special place and explore by foot or boat. Ferry service is available from Copper Harbor.
Keweenaw Point - Adventure awaits those with good maps and sturdy foot wear, an all-terrain bike, or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Naturalist guide service is available.
Lighthouse - The Copper Harbor Lighthouse excursion starts at the marina and includes a boat tour of the harbor, entry to the lighthouse museum and historical narration. You may want to pack a lunch (pasties and subs are available in town) and spend a portion of the day exploring the shoreline.
Museums - The Copper Harbor Lighthouse, Fort Wilkins State Park and the Astor House Museums all bring the past alive. Among the collections are antique dolls and Indian artifacts; a glimpse of military life during the 1840'; and exhibits portraying the history of Keweenaw Peninsula shipwrecks.
Northern Lights - Even if you are not a "night owl" you will want to stay up at least once to watch this spectacular display. Best seat in the house is atop Brockway Mountain which is also a fantastic spot from which to stargaze at the Milky Way.
One-Room Schoolhouse - Copper Harbor is home to one of the state's oldest one-room schools. A viewing room allows you to see how today's pupils blend with the past. One dedicated teacher oversees students from kindergarten through eighth grade (anywhere from 1-10 pupils).
Our Lady of the Pines Church - Visit this hand hewn log chapel just to admire the construction, or for Sunday Services. Nondenominational services are also held at the Community Center on Sunday mornings at 8:30 during the summer.
Pasties - Be sure to try this hearty Cornish meat pie, a traditional ethnic favorite and a good picnic food.
Picnicking - For a romantic spot, go to Hunter's Point or maybe grill hotdogs at one of the roadside parks along Lake Superior. Picnic tables are available at the Community Center, Fort Wilkins State Park, and along the lakefront at the Copper Harbor Marina.
Restaurants - For an enjoyable meal try some of our fine eating establishments, each with its own ambiance and specialties.
Scenic Highways - U.S. 41's northern most eleven miles offers a drive through a tunnel of trees. It's beautiful in any season, but breathtaking in autumn! M-26 twists along the lakeshore unfolding a panorama of water, mountains, beaches and rugged rock ledges.
Scuba Diving - Explore the sunken Mesquite off Keweenaw Point, or the anchor and scattered remains of the John Jacob Astor close to the location where it shipwrecked in Copper Harbor.
Shopping - For quality handcrafted gifts and souvenirs, each shop boasts its own unique creations. Skip one and you may miss that very special item you have always wanted!
Sunsets - Each one is a unique and spectacular ending to your Keweenaw Peninsula day. Great vantage points are along M-26 Lakeshore Drive, up on Brockway Mountain or from the lake on the sunset cruise tour.
Swimming - Sandy beaches for sun bathing or swimming are available on Lake Fanny Hooe, Lake Manganese, and along the Lake Superior shoreline.
Waterfalls - Lovely cascading falls can be seen from the car or within short walking distance. In Copper Harbor see Manganese Falls. Jacob's Falls, Silver River Falls and Eagle River Falls are along Highway M-26.
Wilderness - You are surrounded by beautiful, rugged backcountry, so explore the natural wonders that abound! Naturalist guide services for backcountry trips plus outfitting and equipment rentals are available in Copper Harbor.
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