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Spring Recreation
As the snow melts, you will witness nature come alive! Stroll among the wild flowers dotting the landscape or pick agates on the beautiful Lake Superior shore. Copper Harbor, being on the main bird migration route, especially hawks and eagles, is a bird watchers mecca. Daily hawk and eagle sightings can be in the hundreds.
At Lake Fanny Hooe you can swim, beach it, take a boat ride, fish for bass, trout or perch. The opportunities for recreation are endless. Charters are available for Lake Superior as well as expert advice for catching the big ones on the many inland lakes surrounding Copper Harbor.
Bird Migration
Bring your binoculars and camera to catch some of the 85 species, including hawks and eagles, as they fly along one of the major migratory routes of North America.
Hundreds of varieties of wildflowers and plants dot the landscape and provide a dazzling display of color unique to the U.P.
What better time to hike but in the Spring. The woods are blossoming with new growth and the abundant wildlife it coming out of hibernation. At this time of the year, you can have the trails all to yourselves.
With our abundant winter snow melting, Spring is the best time for viewing Keweenaw’s many waterfalls. Just steps away from Lake Fanny Hooe Resort & Campground is Manganese Falls plus many more within driving distance.
Wild Flowers
Bird Watching

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