Policies for Lake Fanny Hooe Resort 

Advance reservations require a valid credit card to guarantee. There is a 3-night minimum stay required over the Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays. The balance of the entire reservation is due in full at the time of check-in. You are responsible to pay for the number of nights you have booked. There are no refunds for early departures. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks. Payment may be made with cash, money order, travelers check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

For reservations of one unit for 6 nights or less, we require a 7 day cancellation or change notice. For reservations of one unit for 7 nights or longer, or for multiple units, we require a 30 day cancellation or change notice. If a cancellation or change is made with less than the required notice, you may be charged for the total number of nights cancelled or changed, as you are responsible for the number of nights you have booked.

We have no control over the weather, personal plans and/or misfortunes; thus, these are not sufficient reasons for refunds.


Check-In Time 3:00 p.m. Eastern 
Check-Out Time 11:00 a.m.  Eastern 

Check-In Time Noon Eastern 
Check-Out Time Noon Eastern 

Sorry no early check-ins or late check-outs

This policy is not because we do not wish you to have visitors during your stay. Excess people can cause impediment of enjoyment of our facilities to you and others. As well, each additional person on the property also causes us to incur additional expenses. We are not a state park. We do not receive state funding from taxpayers. This operation is paid for and maintained solely by guest and visitor fees. For these reasons we have a visitor policy which is very commonplace for campgrounds and resorts like this one.

All visitors and vehicles must be registered in the office before entering the resort property. A visitor is defined as any person not included on the original registration form, entering on any part of the resort property, for any amount of time, with or without a vehicle. A parking permit is required for all vehicles. Visitors are required to follow all rules and regulations of the resort.

There is a daily visitor fee of $4.00 per adult and $3.00 per child (12 & under). No exceptions.

Visitors are required to leave the property by 9:00 pm Eastern.

Visitors that are not registered are considered trespassing and may have their vehicles towed at their own expense and/or result in eviction of the guest(s) they are visiting without a refund.

Pets are welcome as long as they do not disturb others. Pets must be leashed at all times and attended or crated. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet. You are also responsible for your petís actions including damages and/or injuries to others. There is a fee of $10 per pet per night to stay in our lodging units.

ATVs/Motorbikes/ORVs are allowed as long as they are not disturbing others. They must be idled slowly (and not in 4-wheel drive) in & out of the property for the sole purpose of getting to the trail. ATVs/Motorbikes/ORVs must stay on resort driveways and roads and are not allowed in common ground areas such as lawns, beaches, etc. Washing/rinsing off of ATVs/Motorbikes/ORVs is strictly prohibited. Please respect these rules to retain your privilege.


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