Frequently Asked Questions
We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.
Where did the name Fanny Hooe come from?
Legend has it Fanny Hooe was the sister-in-law of a young officer assigned to Ft. Wilkins. She arrived at the Fort with the Captain William Alburtis family in 1846. Stories of her disappearance vary, either insisting she was picking berries outside the Fort and was either lost in the nearby forest, killed and eaten by a bear who resented her intrusion on his berry patch, or she was abducted by an Indian in retaliation for white man's intrusion on former tribal lands. More information can be found in the book "The Fanny Hooe Story. . . the passing of a legend" published by the Fort Wilkins Natural History Association. The book is available in our gift shop.
What is provided with lodging?
Whether staying in our lakefront motel rooms, cottages or chalet, we supply all necessary bed linens, bath towels and kitchen dishcloths and dish soap. We also provide basic pots and pans, dishes, cups, silverware and a 4-cup coffeemaker with free coffee & condiments for your convenience. All of our units come with complimentary housekeeping.
What actually is a kitchenette?
A kitchenette unit has two cook top burners, a small sink and small refrigerator.
What kind of fish are in Lake Fanny Hooe?
Lake Fanny Hooe is one of the U.P.'s best kept secret fishing spots. It has an abundance of Yellow Perch, Walleye, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Splake and Sunfish. Garden Brook, a small stream running through the resort property, is also home for many Trout species including Rainbow and Brook. 
Lake Fanny Hooe

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